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About that ‘breakthrough idea’

If you were to ask me how to come up with a great idea, my answer might be something like: why do you need one?

A lot of people struggle with this. You want to be an entrepreneur, you want to start your own business. But the only thing holding you back is that you haven’t found the perfect idea. I also call this problem “The art of creating problems that don’t exist”. Let me explain:

The perfect idea isn’t a thing. There is this expectation people put on themselves of being “the next” X or Y or Z, by having the same level of idea to start with. Well, I’d argue that the initial ideas of X, Y and Z all weren’t great. They probably were just “meh”.

Because of this ‘waiting for the best idea ever’, people are immediately scrapping the ideas they do get. There might be a weak link, or something that could go wrong, which causes you to consider it ‘not good enough’. Please stop doing this, because you’re throwing away precious things that might just as well become an awesome experience.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s super important to mind possible problems, traps, downfalls, or whatever you want to call them. Especially before taking a giant leap into the unknown. The thing is, you should prepare counter actions or weigh the possible high against the possible low in a rational way. Too many times I see people just deleting the entire idea, as soon as they find something wrong with it.

Everything has downsides. Every idea you ever have will have at least one weakness. And this does not only apply to you, but to everyone and every idea ever! Also to X, Y and Z, who all became quadrupilionairres and are now praised for their ‘amazing breakthrough idea’.

So, what then?

Oftentimes, even though we don’t believe it, our ideas are actually more than good enough. The thing is: the idea is not the hard part. The hard part comes after: executing.

It’s the quality and quantity of work you put into the idea, rather than the idea itself, that are the biggest factor to its succes. It’s making people believe in your idea. Making people believe it is great. If you can do that, you’ll be a successful entrepreneur. Or a successful parent, gardener, or whatever you are waiting to be.

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