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Eating out for Breakfast in Antwerp

So you’re staying in Antwerp, booked lovely accommodation, but it doesn’t include a (nice) breakfast. Where do you go?

As a local, I don’t eat out for breakfast that often, but I’ve tried the most popular places, and some less popular ones. Here are a couple that are most definitely worth a visit:

Butchers Coffee

Butchers is a very popular spot in the South of Antwerp. They serve amazing coffee and food. My personal recommendation would be to order the Breakfast Burger. Downside is that it can get pretty crowded at times.


Not too far from Butchers is another local spot: Copper. Annemiek will cook and serve you herself. She’s a genuine and lovely person! I’ve only been here once (shame on me), but it’s made a very good impression. If you like a peaceful atmosphere and a bright interior, this is for you.


A great initiative that has recently opened a second location, is Barchel. The combination of interior design, art, and good food just works. Personally, I have to admit that I prefer their lunch menu over their breakfast one. On sunny days, you can sit outside and enjoy life the way it’s meant to be enjoyed 🙂


I wanted to include a spot that is more in the north or centre part of Antwerp, but I honestly couldn’t make this list without including Mampoko. It’s been a respected name for years and wont let you down. Order the Mampoko Royal and take your time to enjoy where you are, the venue is quite impressive.

If you happen to be staying in the northern part of town: next time, be wiser! Just kidding 😉 You can also check out: Tartine, The two Cuperus locations, or Le Pain Quotidien.

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